Our commitment to the armed forces community

  • RT Consulting are very proud of our ongoing support to Veterans, Reservists, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, and Military Spouses/Partners.

  • We recognise the often unmatched levels of tenacity, quality of work, adaptability and resilience of members of these communities and actively aim to encourage usage of and develop skills gained within the military in the workplace. We also, as an organisation, recognise the immense sacrifice that individuals within these groups may have endured, or may be yet to endure, and continuously pledge our support and recognition within the workplace to these individuals.

Our commitment to supporting those members of the Armed Forces (regular or reserve), a veteran, or a family member to their career transition

    Supportive Policy

    RT Consulting has a very supportive policy for Armed Forces Reservists, recognising that Armed Forces Reservists bring excellent transferable skills to business, including resilience, determination and excellent teamwork and leadership skills.

    Leverage Existing Skills

    Where a lot of our work involves projects in the defence industry, RT Consulting encourage reservists to leverage their skills and understanding from their Reserve careers to add value to the work that we do as an organisation.

    Knowledge Sharing

    Our internal resourcing team has included reservists, and the knowledge sharing to other members of the team has meant that the internal recruitment team is very cognisant of the skills that reservists bring and are actively encouraged to discuss this experience with them.

    Adding Social Value

    Employees are continuously encouraged to add social value to their communities, the value of the Cadet Forces is highly valued and appreciated by RT Consulting and widely recognised, with a number of employees having been former members themselves. Any existing or future staff members expressing joining one of the Cadet Forces as an Adult Volunteer would be well supported of this and leave requirements would be accommodated where possible.

    Value-Aware Hiring

    The RT Consulting internal recruitment team are fully cognisant and appreciative of the value that veterans can add to our work. Work quality is continuously impressive within the veterans within our ranks.

“From the outset it was clear that RT valued the experience that members of the veteran community hold and how this experience can translate across to achieving success on many of the projects and programmes where RT places its consultants/associates. The on boarding process was extremely smooth and again was very understanding of the challenges faced by service leavers when transitioning out of the Military.”
John Crichton, Associate, Defence Programme