Tech challenges facing the public sector in 2024

Those providing consultancy services throughout the public sector are no stranger to facing tech challenges, from balancing legacy systems, challenging budgets, minimal investment and growing threats from hacking and unscrupulous operators, the technology leadership contingent are not short of things to keep their minds occupied going into 2024. We’ve summarised a few key areas, each with a thought or two on risk mitigation from our expert team.


  1. Budget Constraints and Cost Management


Going into an election year, there will be a lot of talk around public sector spending, but we can be sure that the purse strings will remain tight for years to come. This means that those of us who require investment to keep the wheels turning for our institution have a battle on our hands. A concerted effort around strategic financial planning will ensure investment only goes to the best possible outcome for all parties, with a key emphasis on how new technology can be used to create cost efficiencies for the future.


  1. Data Privacy and Cyber Security


From phishing emails to supplier slip-ups, the capacity for cyber security infringement is huge and continually growing. The massive ransomware attack on the NHS in 2022 is well documented and one of many recent cases of such a concern. The best departments will retain strict cyber security standards around their supplier engagement, as well as throughout their team. From ‘invite-only’ access to regular training and review sessions, as the threats from cyber attacks grow, so must the scale of the prevention.


  1. Accessibility


It is well known in the technology sector that accessibility and legacy systems do not always go hand in hand. It is essential that systems are inclusive and accessible to all parties, and ensuring any development programme incorporates accessible principles. From WCAG 2 to WCAG 3, there are now tools and guidelines available to enable accessibility to a great standard.

  1. Change Management and Cultural Shifts


Technology has the capacity to rapidly change and evolve, and internal teams must be acutely aware of new developments; from their challenges and risks, to their potential and opportunities. Change can be hard to achieve in big institutions, particular in the public sector, so the fight to adopt new standards can feel like an uphill battle. Tech organisations are improving at providing the necessary privacy frameworks, technical support and backup mechanisms to allow peace of mind for procurement departments, however it is only with an agile approach and an energised team that a public sector department will achieve benefits from rapidly changing tech.


Largely speaking, giving all the moving parts in play, we have seen huge advances in tech adaptation by the public sector, from the accessibility leadership of the website to the usability of the NHS apps and more, the UK public sector is catching up to the private sector in our opinion. However with determined leadership and passionate teams, we can see a future where the public sector and government support is made even more accessible to the wider population as the years go by.

Hannah Porter

Hannah established our Client Services Department in 2021 to oversee client experiences, ensuring tailored solutions and sustained satisfaction. Our Client Services Team play a vital role in maintaining positive relationships with partners, enhancing Associate satisfaction, and contributing to the overall success and growth of RT Consulting.